Server Administration

Originally working in UNIX environments for large financial organisations, Giles is a Sun Certified Solaris Systems and Network Administrator. Worked in UNIX environments and with Sun hardware for nearly 2 decades. Experience with legacy systems running IRIX, BSD-type systems. RedHat

Work History

Giles is experienced at working in live, production environments in areas such as Release and Configuration Management for major financial organisations. He is a former Analyst for JPMorgan where he worked as Software Developer, Linux/UNIX Systems Administrator, Sybase Database Administrator

System Security

Experience using a variety of tools like Acunetix and OpenVAS in conjunction with Kali and Fedora Security Spin to help build a picture of the vulnerabilities in systems. Working with developers and third parties to triage issues and prioritise fixes.

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Always interested to hear about any exciting opportunities in the world of cyber security.

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Technical Skills

UNIX/Linux Systems Administration Database Administration – MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL PHP, PERL, Python, Shell Scripting Ethical Hacking / Penetration Testing Digital Forensics Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning and Execution Acunetix and OpenVAS VMWare Virtualisation

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What people say

He's basically a very competent and knowlegeable IT Professional.

A.M. VP - JPMorgan

I hired the WordFence staff (Giles) to see if they could figure it out. It took some time, but they did. I’m still dealing with some of the after effects, but I cannot properly express my gratitude to WordFence for their patience, friendliness, and genuine concern for supporting me and ensuring that my website (and reputation) was restored to its original condition. Thanks Giles and thanks WordFence!